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In our Lower School Programme at Colegio Peruano Británico, our students develop their learning through activities that encourage their curiosity, critical and analytical thinking, and autonomy. We develop young individuals who are honest, responsible, supportive, and respectful towards their classmates and their environment, and who are eager to learn throughout their lives.
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Welcome to our International Lower School in Peru

We immerse our young learners in a world-class private lower school education in our vibrant international setting in Lima, Peru. At Colegio Peruano Británico, our outstanding teachers, learning experiences, and school facilities encourage our students from the foundation of their learning journey that they will have everything they need for success.


Our Talented Lower School Teachers

Our highly qualified teachers are continually updated through our Nord Anglia University trainings on learning strategies and integrated technology, keeping them at the forefront of education. They create memorable experiences for our students so they can best achieve the competencies indicated in the New National Syllabus for Basic Education.


Our Specialty Learning Areas

We know each child is different, so we create learning situations in our speciality learning areas for our students to build upon their potential and attain knowledge that they can apply within both local and global contexts.


Personal and Social Education

We develop young democratic citizens with critical minds, who are reflective and inquisitive; who value their culture and the cultures of others; and who are engaged and willing to become agents of social change.

We encourage the education of young citizens who identify with their country and with the world; and who are aware they’re a part of a community that, although diverse, shares the same history. We guide them to participate in the construction of a common future, with a democratic and harmonious coexistence that guarantees the well-being of everyone.


Physical Education

Our physical education lessons are at the forefront of the newest in social, scientific, and technological developments. We emphasise the creation of good habits related to physical, psychological, and emotional well-being, and our students develop critical awareness around maintaining their health and helping the good health of others.


Culture and the Arts

At Colegio Peruano Británico, we believe the arts are an integral part of daily life, as they’re in every part of culture and society – ranging from the most traditional forms in a community (like rituals, celebrations, music, ornaments, and applied arts, among others) to the most avant-garde and contemporary forms (like digital animation, art involving ecology, and performances, among others).

Through the arts, our young students learn to express themselves; develop their creativity; understand reality and develop within it; and imagine new possibilities. They also recognise the cultural influences surrounding them and explore who they are and how this relates to those around them. Our students discover how the arts are an important record of the past; showcase the ways societies have evolved over time; and document how people have confronted each other.



Our students develop their communicative skills so they learn how they can better interact with others; understand and build reality; and represent the world. Our students primarily practice their language skills, as language is a fundamental tool in becoming self-aware and making sense of their experiences and knowledge. Our students’ communication experiences help them understand the contemporary world and develops their abilities to make decisions and act ethically in their lives.



At Colegio Peruano Británico, we know English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world as an ‘international language’. It’s a recognised ‘lingua franca’ bridging people who speak different languages and closing the gaps between countries around the world.

We emphasise learning English at CPB as a global communication tool that facilitates access to many of the best academic, scientific, cultural, and professional opportunities.



At Colegio Peruano Británico, our French course broadens the cultural horizons of our students. Our students’ abilities to know and communicate in a foreign language helps them better understand and know their own native language. Learning French also helps our students understand and respect other ways of thinking and acting, which offers a broader and richer vision of our world.

Our students’ objectives in French include: reading and expressing themselves fluently; appreciating, learning, and valuing the French culture and its important contributions to humanity; writing clearly and coherently, adapting their language to the situation; being capable of debating and expressing their ideas and points of view clearly; and obtaining international certifications in the future, such as DELF A1, A2, and B1.



At Colegio Peruano Británico, our students learn mathematics to become capable of searching, organising, systematising, and analysing data and information; to understand and interpret the world logically; to make appropriate decisions and solve problems in different quantitative situations; and to be flexible in their use of mathematical strategies and knowledge.


Science and Technology

We understand if we are to prepare our students for the future at Colegio Peruano Británico, they must have a solid understanding of the sciences and a strong ability to apply their enquiry skills. To do this, we inspire our students’ curiosity and encourage their desires to experiment and explore.

Inquiry is at the heart of scientific learning at CPB: we provide the opportunities our students need to ask questions and seek answers. We have excellent facilities and expert assistance, so our students have all the support they need to progress in science. The students have regular access to our laboratories as well as dedicated class time each week. They also develop their confidence to test their ideas practically and to fully reflect on the results they discover.


Religious Education

At Colegio Peruano Británico, we know that during life, everyone seeks answers to give meaning to their existence and to help them achieve happiness. This dimension of spiritual depth explains the phenomenon of religion in the history of mankind, past and present. Religion is a set of expressions in the specific human experience, beyond the limits of the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. At CPB, we therefore believe it’s essential for our students to discover the existence of a ‘being’ and a ‘truth’ that can help us to shape our human identity.


Information Technology

Information and communication technologies, or ICTs, create possibilities for our students’ expression, communication, and interaction. At Colegio Peruano Británico, we utilise virtual environments created by scenarios, spaces, and objects formed by ICTs, and we educate our students to become responsible digital citizens.

Additionally, our robotics course helps our students become capable of building objects that carry out processes by employing simple machinery and programming to solve problems in their surroundings. This gives our students opportunities to apply their creativity and perseverance to their understanding of our world.



Chess workshops

At CPB, our students play chess to shape their character and become skilled at its many applications in daily life situations. Chess develops our students’ creative and logical thinking in moments of uncertainty and contributes to their positive behaviour.

Chess has a mathematical basis. It stimulates the development of cognitive skills. It develops a sense of ethics. It stimulates the development of creativity. It promotes transferability. It provides pleasure. It introduces the student to the study of historical aspects. It develops a spirit of critical thinking. It can be applied as a complementary or alternative sport.


Body expression workshops

At CPB, our body expression workshops are based on free and spontaneous movements that portray moods, sharpen the senses, and awaken our students’ sensitivity and awareness. We explore our communication through body expression: we manifest external actions through the movements that reflect our thoughts and feelings.


Folk and contemporary dance workshops.

At CPB, we know that dance is an artistic and cultural expression that brings together all possible communication movements, while meeting high-quality aesthetic standards. Through dance, we enhance our students’ expressive skills. Through different Peruvian dances, we also emphasise the construction of our cultural and national identity.

Peru possesses an invaluable and rich diversity in the domain of dance. Contemporary dance is an artistic-scenic manifestation that expresses feelings, ideas, and stories through movement. In practice, we teach a versatile dance in style, music, and form. Our students learn discipline through the natural alignment of their bodies and the efficient use of their energy to heighten their expression.


Theatre and drama workshops

At CPB, we know that theatre is one of humanity’s oldest cultural expressions and an essential element in the life of all human beings. We’re by nature social beings and drama allows us to be a part of society. Theatre allows us to develop our behaviours, values, self-esteem, communication skills, teamwork, trust, imagination, and creativity.


Karate workshops

At CPB, we support the meaning of Karate: ‘the way of the empty hand’. It’s more than a self-defence technique without weapons. It’s an art with high philosophical content that primarily guides our students’ moral and spiritual values.


Music workshops

As one of the most fundamental expressions of humanity, music at Colegio Peruano Británico allows our students enjoy themselves in our safe environment, whether they’re playing songs from around the world or Peruvian folk music. They also develop their teamwork, social, and motor skills.

We sing in English and in Spanish, and we explore songs in different dialects from the furthest corners of Peru. Our use of folkloric expressions in music is fundamental to our students’ understanding of Peruvian roots and teach them to recognise the names and sounds of instruments from the Peruvian coast, highlands, and rainforest. Through music, we create ensembles and develop non-verbal communication skills that showcase the qualities of empathy, generosity, and kindness. Our students learn patience and develop key artistic skills.

Our music workshops at Colegio Peruano Británico spark curiosity through playing, dancing, movement, research, and learning to hear beyond simple listening. Our students learn to value the expressions of others and to constantly attempt to learn new techniques that lead them to the most important gratification: the mastery of an instrument, a style, and the development of their own personality.

An internationally recognised curriculum taught by talented educators

We know every child is different. Our teachers build up the individual strengths of each student, working closely to create projects following our internationally recognised curriculum, so your child will discover their own pathway to the world's best universities.

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