Discovery through curiosity underpins all our students’ learning experiences from our youngest to our eldest. By understanding significant concepts and issues, they explore international perspectives and develop the attributes of a responsible citizen.
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Welcome to CPB where we combine 60 years of academic excellence and sound character formation, with the global outreach and innovation of Nord Anglia Education.
Here your child will develop a love of learning in a safe and happy environment.
We look forward to meeting you personally.
Andy Cino
Head of School
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Colegio Peruano Británico has a vibrant culture that celebrates diversity, equity, and the inclusion of all students through our lessons, discussions, and experiences beyond the classroom.

Your child will become proficient in English and Spanish whilst also reaching an efficient command of everyday French. Our school curriculum prepares all our students for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, allowing them to be accepted to top universities in Peru and abroad.


Our Secondary students are taught Global Politics and Citizenship, Religion and Ethics, and Business Management, so that they have a broader perspective of an increasingly globalised and rapidly changing world.



Throughout our 60 years of history, we have engaged our students in rich learning experiences so they develop a better understanding of British and Peruvian cultures, as we promote international mindedness and multicultural respect.
Outstanding learning experiences
Our rich extra-curricular programme provides opportunities for students to develop other talents, such as practising a variety of sports, debating, or performing music, drama, or dance. Our students also have incredible experiences on field trips to Peru's exciting landscapes or to international destinations.
Outstanding learning experiences
Sport plays an important role at CPB as it helps to develop many important attributes such as teamwork, discipline, fair play, and physical wellbeing. In addition to traditional sport like football, volleyball, and basketball, you’ll see your child playing hockey or performing martial arts.  

We also encourage global awareness through discussions linked to a wide range of world literature, organised around themes of diversity, culture, and inclusion. These themes unfold into trips that widen our students’ understanding of the world around them as they travel throughout the three geographical regions of Peru. They also go on international trips to England and to Nord Anglia Education’s international sports competition, the Global Games.

Upcoming collaborations with MIT, Juilliard, and UNICEF will provide more opportunities for outstanding learning experiences.
The world's best teachers
We hire the best at Colegio Peruano Británico. Our teachers are experts at delivering engaging and enjoyable lessons, and they participate in continuous professional development from Nord Anglia, the IB, and various other institutions. They also learn from each other through collaborative planning and peer-to-peer lesson observations.
The world's best teachers
Our teachers come from a variety of countries and have taught in different parts of the world; they bring with them a cultural experience that broadens our students' perspectives and enriches their understanding of global citizenship.

With over 20 years of combined experience teaching the IB Diploma Programme at CPB, our teachers are confident in helping our students succeed. They are fully trained by the IB (International Baccalaureate) in their subjects, so they thoroughly know the IB teaching approach, methodology, and assessment. This gives our students excellent preparation to achieve outstanding academic results and to follow pathways to the world’s best universities.

Boosted by additional training from Nord Anglia University, our teachers have world-class resources from global experts. We constantly follow Nord Anglia’s research to update our teaching methods and tools so that we ensure high quality teaching and learning. Our teachers are also regularly observed and given feedback on their classroom practices.
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Academic excellence
Our students obtain the best scores in the IB Diploma Programme (DP), comparing favourably with the best schools worldwide. We do this by encouraging our students to be curious; inquirers, and risktakers in both English and Spanish.
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Academic excellence
We take an individualised approach to teaching all our classes, tailored to each child’s own pace or rhythm of learning as we build upon their needs, goals, and interests. Step by step, our students challenge themselves and develop their own goals. 

We are a multilingual school, and our students achieve proficiency in English, as they are immersed in the language from Early Years. Additionally, our students learn French from 3rd Grade Primary to 3rd Year Secondary. Being multilingual facilitates the creation of important neural pathways, which in turn, allows children to be more creative and flexible, whether they are problem-solving, multitasking, or connecting with people from a different culture.

From the very start of your child’s learning journey in Early Years, we encourage them to play; be curious; observe; and discover knowledge through different planned activities. We measure their development through new skills while reinforcing important ideas and concepts. 

This personalised, student-centred approach facilitates the development of the five principle learning skills that underpin an IB curriculum, namely: research, communication, self-management, thinking, and being social.
Homepage our social purpose
Our social purpose
Our students build meaningful connections with the local community, undertaking social projects that respond to its needs. Through community service, they understand the importance of empathy and solidarity, attributes that are highly valued by universities and employers.
Homepage our social purpose
Our social purpose
Our mission statement commits us to empowering our students to create a better world. Our curriculum engages our students to respond to local social causes and to assist the needs of others. Through the core component of the IBDP entitled ‘Creativity, Activity, and Service’ (CAS), our students transfer their knowledge and skills from the classroom to alleviate problems of the real world.

Our students can be found developing social outreach projects for low-income communities and social groups, such as the Children's Hospital, the Asylum for Abandoned Women, and Make-A-Wish. They also get involved in social entrepreneurship activities by creating fundraising events like Family Day, Casual Days, bottle cap collections, and natural disaster relief collections. These activities support our local and national communities, as our students learn to make a positive impact in the world. Many of them feel fulfilled by community service and continue to assist these communities for years after graduating from CPB.
An advanced learning environment
We’re located in a quiet, residential district of Lima. Our modern campus provides a well-equipped and safe environment that’s conducive to learning. Our welcoming and collaborative school culture is palpable as soon as you walk on to the school grounds. In our environment, your child will be inspired to develop a lifelong love for learning.
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Advanced learning environment
Our state-of-the-art digital infrastructure and facilities are designed to arouse our children’s curiosity, immerse them in stimulating interactive experiences, and accelerate their learning.

The intelligent use of technology by our teachers focusses on developing their research skills, such as: accessing relevant information from a variety of sources; analysing, evaluating, and synthesizing information; and communicating through variety of media and formats.

Our technologies facilitate our students’ learning, whether they are staying engaged with our interactive Smartboards during lessons or using iPads in Primary School or MacBooks in Secondary School for solo and group assignments.
Our 20,000 m2 campus includes spacious and individualised Primary and Secondary pavilions, a targeted and tailored IB teaching pavilion, a multi-purpose hall for whole-school performances, sports and special events, purpose-built science laboratories, as well as exciting areas to develop our students’ talents in the arts.
The Nord Anglia Education family
When you join our school, you not only enter a warm and welcoming community of peers, parents, and teachers, but you also join Nord Anglia Education’s global family of students, parents, and alumni – opening a world of opportunities.
The Nord Anglia Education family
We’re thrilled to count on three generations of students, who have attended or are attending our school with pride. Every year, our family gets bigger, as we welcome the youngest members of the family to our exciting educational journey.

Our students love to come together through our House system, where each member of our school community belongs to one of four ‘Houses’ – Thames, Eton, Berkshire, or Ascot. Through friendly competitions and festivals, each House earns points during a variety of sporting and academic tasks, striving towards winning the ‘House Shield’ at the end of the academic year. This British tradition develops our students’ social skills, encouraging collaboration and respect between the youngest and the eldest.

Globally, as part of the Nord Anglia family, our students have access to a network of other students and alumni all over the world. The Global Campus platform will connect our students with peers and teachers from more than 30 countries. Additionally, the annual Global Games enable our students to compete and collaborate with children from other schools in the Americas.

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At Colegio Peruano Británico, we use our active global community and draw upon an exceptional network of teachers to ensure the highest quality education.