Art is the fruit of mankind’s evolution and allows humans to express and share their own vision of the world through sound, rhythm, movement, and image.


Our Arts Programme introduces students to the world of culture through the knowledge and appreciation of artistic and cultural expressions of different periods.

Our students learn about and experiment with the different techniques of drawing, painting, and sculpture used by artists in different periods, understanding the parallels between world history, the history of Peru, and the history of art, to be able to analyse and understand each period.

Art is used to raise our students' awareness of the value of the diverse forms of cultural manifestation, encouraging the discovery of other forms of expression and communication.

Arts and Culture | Colegio Peruano Británico  - Visual Arts

Folk Dance

Our Folk Dance course allows our students to learn the traditions and customs of the peoples of Peru and to interpret and express them through dance. This strengthens the development of their own cultural identity and practising the dances helps them achieve greater body control, correct posture, sensitivity through music, and better interpersonal relationships.
Arts and Culture | Colegio Peruano Británico  - Folk Dance


Photography is a visual arts discipline that leads our students to understand – through the phenomenon of light – how reality also provides us with aesthetic and expressive motivations.

Our photography course allows our students to connect with their daily surroundings in a different way and, through the lens of a camera, learn to select and value diverse fragments of reality, developing photographic proposals within the guidelines of a theme, an emotion, or an idea.

Moreover, our students gradually learn the use and application of the most important functions and components of the reflex camera, zoom and wide-angle lenses, as well as the technical aspects of natural and artificial lighting.

Arts and Culture | Colegio Peruano Británico  - Photography

performing arts

We believe the performing arts play a fundamental role in our students’ all-round education. The interpretation of real or imaginary situations encourages creativity and the formation of moral values, such as social sensibility, tolerance and respect.

Through body and vocal expression, and working in groups, our students acquire greater confidence in themselves and in others, and this promotes the development of their self-esteem, positive connections, leadership, and group integration. The performing arts also contribute to exercising their communication skills and improving their expression through their voice, body, and gestures.
Arts and Culture | Colegio Peruano Británico  - Performing Arts