parent essentials

At Colegio Peruano Británico, our teachers and parents work closely together to ensure our students have outstanding learning experiences. 

Here’s the most essential information for parents.


These are the most important dates in our school calendar for the 2023 academic year.
Start of Classes for Nursery and IB Students
Tuesday Feb 28 2023
Start of Classes for Pre-Kinder, Kinder, Primary, and Secondary Students
Wednesday Mar 01 2023
First Bimester
Wednesday Mar 01 to Friday May 05 2023
Autumn Holidays
Saturday May 06 to Sunday May 14 2023
Second Bimester
Monday May 15 to Friday Jul 14 2023
Winter Holidays
Saturday Jul 15 to Sunday Aug 06 2023
Third Bimester
Monday Aug 07 to Friday Oct 06 2023
Spring Holidays
Saturday Oct 07 to Sunday Oct 15 2023
Fourth Bimester
Monday Oct 16 to Friday Dec 08 2023


Through a variety of extra-curricular activities, in the arts, sports, learning support, and career research, your child’s time outside the classroom gives meaning and motivation to their time inside the classroom.

We also offer exciting trips to destinations in Peru, as well as international trips with Nord Anglia’s Global Games and exchanges to the UK.

Team and individual sports

Specialist sports coaches lead our weekly programme to keep our students fit and healthy. All students are encouraged to play for fun and well-being, and our most talented players represent CPB in competitive tournaments.

Sports at CPB

Team and individual sports

Our sports include

  • volleyball
  • football
  • handball
  • basketball
  • table tennis
  • chess
  • hockey
  • martial arts
Creativity and the arts
Our students express their ideas and creativity by participating in academic subjects covering music, drama, contemporary dance, folkloric dance, arts and crafts, and the visual arts.
Literacy and learning support
After school, our students can work on any challenging areas with our talented teachers, who design tutoring sessions with our subject specialists. This support beyond class time helps our students use strategies to build upon their strengths and achieve their goals.
Career guidance
From Form III upwards, we offer our students personality and career tests, talks, workshops, educational visits, open days, and university fairs, so they have all the tools to make an informed decision about their university and potential career path.
National trips
To expand upon their learning experiences beyond the classroom, our students deepen their understanding of Peru’s beautiful history, culture, and geography. They travel to exciting national destinations connecting their classroom learning to the real world.
National trips

Our national trips include experiences such as exploring:

  • the beautiful coast, beaches, flora and fauna of Ica and Paracas
  • the traditional dance and historic architecture of Trujillo
  • the archaeological sites and gardens of Chiclayo
  • the volcanoes and volcanic-stone buildings of Arequipa
  • the green nature of the San Ramón district
  • the jungle and wildlife of Oxapampa
  • the impressive Andean mountains of Huaraz
  • the preserved Amazon wilderness in the Tambopata region
International connections and trips
As part of Nord Anglia Education, our students participate in international programmes and events, such as study abroad, summer camps, and Global Games (NAE's international sports competition). Our Secondary students can also participate in a cultural exchange trip to the United Kingdom though our strategic alliance with ISCA (Independent Schools Cultural Alliance).
International connections and trips
Since CPB is a Nord Anglia school, our students have exciting opportunities to connect with other Nord Anglia international schools to participate in programmes and events, such as study abroad, summer camps, and Global Games (NAE's international sports competition). Our students make friends abroad and learn from different cultures, giving them international perspectives and enriching their global citizenship.

Our Secondary students can additionally participate in a cultural exchange to the United Kingdom though our strategic alliance with ISCA (Independent Schools Cultural Alliance). This exchange is a three-week full immersion in the English language, history, and culture, which allows our students to fully experience the international values of our school.
Our social purpose
At Colegio Peruano Británico, our students apply their empathy and kindness by making meaningful connections with the communities around them. They discover how they can make a positive difference and contribute to the world.

Shaping the next generation

We combine outstanding teaching and internationally recognised curricula with the newest technology and facilities. Our educators are passionate about inspiring young minds – and through our world-class training opportunities, our teachers also never stop learning.