Our Mission, Vision and Values


We are a private institution, inspired by the values and traditions of British education. We develop an innovative bilingual and international educational project that provides our students with the knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the future. We educate individuals with integrity, who are creative, bilingual, and who have the necessary skills and attitudes that will ensure their success in a globalized and constantly changing world. 


To be a bilingual educational institution, accredited and recognized nationally and internationally for promoting educational excellence. 



Responsibility is the virtue or habitual willingness to accept the consequences of one’s own decisions and being accountable. Responsibility is the ability to respond to one’s actions. A responsible personal makes conscious decisions and accepts the consequences of his or her actions and is willing to be held accountable. 


To respect someone is to treat them with dignity. This inherent dignity requires other to act appropriately, and thus a voluntary disrespect is an injustice because it does not comply with that duty. On the other hand, respect leads to a cordial and benevolent atmosphere. 


Honesty is a value linked to truth and to transparency in all our actions. To be honest is to have a truthful attitude in our relationships with others, including our family, friends, classmates or work colleagues, neighbours, and everyone with whom we interact. Honesty implies there are no contradictions between what one thinks, feels, and does. It is one of the most important values in an individual because it not only makes them reliable, it also allows one to live in harmony with one’s own environment and that of others.


Solidarity is the support provided to a person who is going through difficult situations without expecting anything in return, creating a feeling of unity between people. We demonstrate solidarity when we can help people suffering from hunger or extreme poverty, people who are discriminated against, those who experience the consequences of a natural disaster, or who suffer from a disease.