31 March, 2023

What role do study trips and visits play in todays education?


Study trips and educational visits have become an integral part of today's education, providing students with the opportunity to focus on a particular area of learning and either develop it further or understand its implications in the real world, enhancing classroom learning by providing a hands-on and immersive experience.

An important role in promoting social and emotional development.

As students mature cognitively, the holistic nature of a study trip (lasting more than a day) becomes a further contribution to their education, where they practise their team-building skills, empathy, solidarity and time-management, among others. A study trip will not just focus on one specific piece of learning, but bring many of the competencies and skills that are taught in the classroom out into the living world. 

As a local example, a trip to Trujillo and Chiclayo will mainly evidentiate the history of the Moche and Chimú cultures, allowing students to realise that those cultures understood about seismic activity with their temples and pyramids, and that they knew about weather patterns, condensation and irrigation in relation to the geography of the region and how that all allowed them to flourish in those regions.


In the world of rapid and unfiltered information, visiting, studying and enjoying other regions of the country with peers is a way of reclaiming the joy of learning experiences; the autonomy in these and the diversity of each person’s own understanding and putting into practice what they have seen previously with their teachers is a fundamental part of creating the matured adult that is capable of dealing with the world and all it offers, as well as being a pro-active member of society by understanding and experiencing different realities and situations, both past and present. As in most aspects, theory and practise are our ying and yang to life: both are needed to achieve the best results.

  Study trips at CPB

In the last year, our students have participated in visits to different zoos and farms from Nursery to 4th Grade; study trips to Ica and Paracas in 5th Grade, Chiclayo and Trujillo in 6th Grade, Arequipa in Form I, Central Jungle Region in Form II, Huaraz in Form III, Tambopata in IB One, and a 3-week trip to England with ISCA for a postponed 2020 group.

In addition, being part of Nord Anglia Education allows our students to take part in their programmes, competitions, and trips, including:
Junior Global Games for 6th Grade and Form I, and Senior Global Games for Lower Secondary.


We have just returned from the Junior Global Games at Costa Rica and are looking forward to Form III going off to England in July and starting on the planning for the study trips in November.


Mark Scarlett
CPB Director of Studies