CPB House System - CPB House System
Colegio Peruano
12 September, 2022

CPB House System

CPB House System - CPB House System

The House system in any British school is part of its history and traditions; a way of belonging to something that is bigger than just your form or year group. It allows for healthy competition, as well as peer-to-peer support that continues your whole way through the school, which gives you a school-wide identity.

Here at CPB, we have used the same colours that are used in many British schools: blue, green, red, and yellow. As part of our integration into Nord Anglia Education family, we looked at giving a CPB-uniqueness to these names, to allow students to understand part of our School’s history and origins, as well as giving them a full identity with their House. We decided to rename our Houses to reinforce these traditions, whilst also commemorating the 60 years of the founding association of our School.

This story of the current House names is closely related to the beginnings of Colegio Peruano Británico itself: in 1962, the late Mrs. Robinson created the association that founded our School the following year, which is now known as Cultural Educacional Windsor del Perú.

Windsor, as a town in England famous for its castle as the primary residence of the Royal Family, is a well-known part of the history of the United Kingdom, and this resonates with British traditions and values placed in our School.

  • Blue House is now “THAMES” after the river that is so symbolic to the whole country. It flows past the town of Windsor, before arriving in London, with many of its iconic landmarks on its banks.
  • Green House is now “BERKSHIRE” after the county in which Windsor is located; a county known for its preservation areas, forests and the North and South Downs: hills and wild spaces that go on for miles.
  • Red House is now “ETON” for the town that is next to Windsor, separated only by the river Thames. This town houses one of the best-known private schools in the world, where many influential figures of the United Kingdom received their education.
  • Yellow House is now “ASCOT” after a town just down the road from Windsor. This town is well-known for its horserace course, especially the Royal Ascot, which occurs here every June, with presence of the Royal Family and many famous people from around the world.

Each year, the Houses compete in many different activities, both sports-related and academic, in order to win the coveted “House Shield”. Who will it be this year? We’ll find out in December!

CPB House System - CPB House System

Mark Scarlett
CPB Director of Studies