Colegio Peruano
21 September, 2022

An unforgettable trip to the UK

Last July we made a trip to the UK that all of us have been waiting to make since Primary. It was a great experience to know more about British culture and history, while we met people from other countries and made new friends.

One important thing about ISCA was interacting with people from other countries, that is why we had On-Campus days. During these days we were divided into groups to play sports and we were able to do free activities as well. It was very nice to make new friends and also learn new sports at Charterhouse, like squash.

One of the last days we went to the theatre to watch Wicked. The Apollo Victoria was imposing, plus, we got time to do some shopping around the centre of London.

On the last day, we visited The Parliament and got to learn a lot about British history. The tour lasted 2 hours but was completely worth it. When we arrived back at the campus, we packed our things and had a last dance to say goodbye.

Finally, we arrived back home and shared our experiences with our family. This trip to the UK taught us a lot, especially about being independent in another country. Also, we met friends with whom we had a lot of fun, and we would like to see again in the future. This experience will be something that we will never forget.

Mariana Huamán & Alonso Coronado
IB One Students